Collection: Collectible Car Models

We have access to thousands of Diecast model cars.  If you want something that is not listed, please CONTACT US.

Diecast models of your favorite classic cars, in various sizes.  Smaller cars are great for kids, while the larger 1/18 scale models are high quality collectible models.

Our car models come in various sizes or "scales".  Here are the approximate dimensions for each scale:

  • 1:12 Scale cars are about 13"-15" inches long. 
  • 1:18 Scale cars are about 10"-12" inches long.
  • 1:24 Scale cars are about 7"-8" inches long.
  • 1:32 Scale cars are about 4"-5" inches long.
  • 1:64 Scale cars are about 3" inches long.
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